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I use strftime to format my raw time as the text of an input box. Usually, when I use strftime I check if the object is nil to prevent errors by using unless nil? However it doesn't seem like I can use that here:

<%= text_field_tag :event_date, @event.event_date.strftime("%m/%d/%Y at %I:%M%p"), :size=>30 %>

I removed the unless because it was throwing an error. How can I make sure this statement works if @event.event_date is nil?


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One trick is to use try.

<%= text_field_tag :event_date, @event.event_date.try(:strftime, "%m/%d/%Y at %I:%M%p"), :size=>30 %>

Or just check if event_date is set:

<%= text_field_tag :event_date, (@event.event_date && @event.event_date.strftime("%m/%d/%Y at %I:%M%p")), :size=>30 %>
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The first one worked brilliantly. Thank you. –  Matthew Berman Oct 9 '11 at 21:36
Great! (feel free to accept this answer) –  rdvdijk Oct 9 '11 at 21:47
Would this also be a good candidate for .blank? I've been working in some forms recently and it's come in handy. (Since it checks for an empty string and nil.) –  Tass Oct 10 '11 at 13:09

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