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I followed the guide at the link below in order to get a hello world source to compile but I keep getting a link error as shown in the title. I don't understand why. I did include the file "opencv_core231.lib" from the vc10 directory in the linker input section of my project properties (among other things directed in the guide). Any ideas?

OpenCV 2.3 C++ Visual Studio 2010

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Can you upload your vcproj file? – Mourad Oct 10 '11 at 14:45
well i feel a bit inadequate. I can't figure out how to attache a file here. Can you help? – kevincw01 Oct 24 '11 at 22:33

You may have forgot the .lib in the Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies section. For example you have to write "opencv_core241d.lib" instead of "opencv_core241d"

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In the 4-6 weeks I've been working with OpenCV 2.3 and Microsoft Visual Studio, I have copied all needed .dll files to my project folders. I believe that this is just how it is "done". I'm not saying you can't have some sort of link-sheet that you can import every time, but it has been working fine for me.

If you are interested, I used this guide for setup:

This guy uses a property sheet to make projects, further along the path, easier to make. It's a decent walkthrough, with the exception that I could not find the property manager, which can be revealed through "View > Other Windows > Property Manager".

Hope this shed some light on your issue.

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