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So basically I have a static map that maps my struct to a queue, but when I try to push to the queue, it fails to push anything.

struct SignalID_t {
    unsigned int lock;
    unsigned int cond;

    SignalID_t(unsigned int lock_, unsigned int cond_):lock(lock_), cond(cond_) {}

class SignalIDComp {
bool operator()(const SignalID_t& a, const SignalID_t& b) const
    {return a.lock == b.lock && a.cond == b.cond;}

class ThreadManager{

static std::queue<ucontext_t *>& waitingQ(SignalID_t id)
    {return threadsWaitingOnConditions[id];}

    static std::map<SignalID_t, std::queue<ucontext_t*>> threadsWaitingOnConditions;

map<SignalID_t, queue<ucontext_t *>, SignalIDComp>    ThreadManager::threadsWaitingOnConditions;

class Threads{

void thread_wait(int lock, int cond){
    SignalID_t id(lock, cond);
    if (ThreadManager::waitingQ(id).empty())
       cout << "failed to push thread to cond waiting Q" << endl;

In the function where I try to push to the queue, I immediately test the queue to see if it's empty and it always cout's that it is. I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact that the map is static and the queue isn't getting initialized properly, but I can't seem to fix it.

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This is not real code: class definitions have to be terminated by semicolons, and there is no ThreadManager::getRunningThread(). Please post real code. – Kerrek SB Oct 9 '11 at 23:32

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You have two separate, and unfortunately identically-named, objects:

map_type ThreadManager::threadsWaitingOnConditions;


map_type threadsWaitingOnConditions;

You're confusing the two. The final check should say:

if (ThreadManager::threadsWaitingOnConditions[id].empty()) { /* ... */ }

or something to that effect. Given that the static member map is private, you should probably just say,

if (ThreadManager::waitingQ(id).empty()) { /* ... */ }

I don't understand what need you have with the global map object. It seems unnecessary. Or rather, you probably mean it to be the definition of the static member object, in which case you should write it like this:

map<SignalID_t, std::queue<ucontext_t*>> ThreadManager::threadsWaitingOnConditions;
//                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Ah sorry about that, but most of those things were a reflection of my manually recreating the code instead of copying and pasting it. I believe the current state of the question reflects most of those changes, and the push still fails to work. – MattB Oct 9 '11 at 23:23
OK, your current code shouldn't even compile, though, since you don't have a function ThreadManager::getRunningThread(). I should ask you to post real code from your work rather than half-remembered pseudo-code, though, as it's impossible to separate what is the real error and what is an error of presentation. – Kerrek SB Oct 9 '11 at 23:31

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