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when working with Ruby in Ubuntu, I need to install libopenssl-ruby package. I would like to know what's the purpose for this package. Is it a Ruby Gem?

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It is not a gem but an extension. Extensions can be packaged as gems, but this one is not.

An extension is a C library (may be mixed with some native ruby code) that allows to use some C API from the ruby language.

On my distribution, the openssl ruby extension is part of the ruby interpreter package:

rpm -ql ruby | grep ssl

And therefore the ruby package only requires the openssl library itself.

It looks like in Debian, they splitted this extension as a subpackage, and that is the reason why is required by the interpreter package: it is part of the ruby standard library:

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It provides the ruby bindings to openssl, without which you would not be able to connect to servers using HTTPS etc.

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It allows Ruby to use OpenSSL. So no, not a Ruby Gem.

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