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I want to use google maps for one application. I wanted to show the map in night mode. (Dark background for the countries.) I do not want to show any labels, lines, green effect. Just plain countries in night mode. These are the style settings I use.

var styleSettings = [
            featureType: 'all',
            stylers : [
                {invert_lightness: 'true'},
                {visibility: 'simplified'}
            featureType: "all",
            elementType: "labels",
            stylers: [{visibility: 'simplified'}]
            featureType: "road",
            elementType: "geometry",
            stylers: [{visibility: 'true'}]

Then I create a Map and assign this options.

map.setOptions ({styles: styleSettings});

I am still getting lines and green spots. How can i avoid those?

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Why are you setting visibility to simplified or true when you don't want to display these things? Set visibility to off. Also, you may want to disable the POIs:

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