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I am trying to open a debug window within Javascript. Javascript will pass the debug window a JSON string which JSONView (a Chrome extension) should display in a nicely formatted way.

For this to work the MIME type must be "application/json". Is it possible to send the mime type and JSON string to as a parameter some how? I think the MIME type and content has to be set on otherwise JSONView won't get triggered.

I did try this, but it did not work:

var x ="about:blank", 'x'); 
var doc = x.document;"application/json"); 
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The document that your opening should be of type "application/json" you cannot send it as a parameter in the method since it's out of context. The browser instead is the one that determines the file type using the request headers."", "mywindow");

You should see the json file within JSONView without problems. If the browser still asks you to download the file, your installation of JSONView is probably broken.

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It is not possible.

You'd be better off doing:

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