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I have several files in a GridFS Document Store and what I'd like to do is to pipe this data into a zip file via stdin in NodeJS. So that I will end up with a zip file containing all these files.

Now my question is how can I give the files a valid filename inside of the zip file. I think I need to emulate/fake a file header containing the filename?

Any help is appreciated!


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I had problems when writing zip files with Node.js not long ago. I ended up doing something similar to what is described in Zip archives in node.js

I can't help you directly with your problem, but at least I hope I can point out some things:

  • Don't try to use node-archive. Even if the description says it allows to create zip files, the moment I read the source code (since documentation is unexistant) I realized that's just a lie. It only exposes methods for reading.
  • Using zip by spawning a process, like recommended on the provided link, seems to be the best way. Something that would work is copying the files to a local folder with whatever name you desire and then calling the zip command, just to delete the files afterwards.
  • The other option, which seems ok, is to use zipper (, although better just use npm). The reason I'm not really wishing to use it is because there's not that much flexibility, it seems to have been done in a day and it hasn't been modified since the first commit, so I'm not sure it will receive maintenance (sure, you could just fork it...).

I swear the day I have an entire free weekend with no work I will write a freaking module that does this as complete as possible. It's silly that there isn't and it shouldn't be that much struggle. blablablarant.

Edit: Not sure if it was there before, but now I've been using the node-compress module (also using gzippo). It works fine.

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hi, I'd join you writing a nice zip library :) I went for the spawning process streaming the output of stdout ;) but it would be nice if we could stream data to stdin of the zip process without persisting the files to the hard drive. – sled Oct 11 '11 at 7:00

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