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I am researching building a full UI for a piece of Matlab numerical code. I can of course port the code to another platform and build the UI in the usual suspects (Qt, Java, etc), but it would be much preferable to communicate with the scientists on the project to retain the code in Matlab.

What is the recommended approach here? I found some old (ca 2007) tutorial on building UI for Matlab, but nothing really good. There is also "MATLAB Advanced GUI Development" (Scott T. Smith), which is very topic but dates back all the way to 2006.

So what's the modern method of building a UI for Matlab?

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You could improve this question immensely by going into more detail about the sort of UI you hope to create. Simple form, bolt-on to existing Matlab UI, interactive visualization, etc... –  Shog9 Oct 10 '11 at 21:18
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The topic is very broad, it depends also on your time constrains and general knowledge of GUI frameworks like Java Swing. I think there is no one best answer but these links could still help:

Software engineering and patterns in Matlab GUI application?

How can I program a GUI in MATLAB?

how to implement the idea of mvc design in matlab gui's

Software engineering and patterns in Matlab GUI application?

Is the MATLAB gui creator GUIDE as awful as I think? Is there an alternative?

What books will you recommend to read about writing a GUI programms in MATLAB?

Breaking from for loop in MATLAB GUI

MATLAB programming best practices

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GUIDE is very limited and a pain when used in 'larger' projects. Therefore I suggest to use MATLAB's seamless integration of Java. Undocumented Matlab is an excellent source for Java/MATLAB integration.

Making use of the 'undocumented' areas of MATLAB, a 'dockable' window can be integrated into MATLAB's IDE. Just execute the following code as m-file.

import javax.swing.*;

panel = JPanel();
dt.addClient(panel, 'MyPanel');
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