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I'm currently working on ipad IOS Safari. Thinking of adding some plugins to the application. but found some article saying that IOS Safari doesn't support plugins. Any expert know how true is the statement? Thanks

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External plugins are not supported by a uiwebview, and are cause for rejection from the app store. –  CodaFi Oct 10 '11 at 4:10
However, iOS Safari does seem to support bookmarklets, which can sometimes add plugin-like functionality. –  Charles Staats Apr 25 '13 at 3:29

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Safari, like all iOS apps, does not support plug-ins or any other form of customization. Your only option is to create an app with a UIWebView. Quite a few browser apps can be found in the App Store.

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The fact that you need to jailbreak it to use them actually proves that Apple is not supporting the use of plugins.

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It DOES support plug-ins, you have to be Jailbroken to add any though. Install iFile from cydia then in iFile go to /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

The QuickTime Plugin is in there already, which proves that plugins are supported

And you can customize apps if your jailbroken

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