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I have following class ( entity )

public class  Magazine {
    private int id ;
    private String magazine;

            //getters and setters

// tracking the magazine arrival
public class MagazineIn {
    private int id;
    private java.util.Date inDate;
    private java.util.Date magdate;

    private Magazine mag ; 
            //getters and setters


Now i want to get all arrival status of all magazine , whether magazine has in or not

using criteria query

following is code

    CriteriaBuilder cb = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
    CriteriaQuery<Object[]> cq = cb.createQuery(Object[].class);

        Root<MagazineIn> magIn = cq.from(MagazineIn.class);
    Join<Magazine,MagazineIn> mag =  magIn.join("mag" , JoinType.LEFT);

        cq.multiselect(mag.get("magazine") , magIn.get("magdate") , 
    TypedQuery<Object[]> q = em.createQuery(cq);

But i am not getting all the magazine listing with indate and magdate null.RIGHT JOIN is not supported. What's wrong?

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If the entity relationships changes are not possible you could consider changing the root of your query to Magazine and use a subquery which correlates on the 'mag' variable.

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What's wrong is that you would indeed need a right join to do this. You could just have the reverse OneToOne association from Magazine to MagazineIn, and query from the magazine to the magazineIn with a left join.

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I have solved this using collection in Magazine

List<MagazineIn> arrivals
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