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When I click the Enroll Now button under admissions on my navigation bar, \merry_flowers\views\students\add.ctp should display.
Instead, the login page is getting displayed. Does anyone know on what I'm doing wrong?

The following is my app_controller.php for the project:

class AppController extends Controller {
var $components=array('Auth','Session','Cookie');

function beforeFilter(){
  if (isset($this->Auth)){
        $this->Session->setFlash('Auth has not been set');  

function isAuthorized(){
    return true;

Any help is much appreciated.

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One gotcha is if your StudentsController has a beforeFilter, you'll need to call parent::beforeFilter or that Auth setup won't happen.

I'd also note the caveat for using authorize = 'controller'; "Remember that [isAuthorized] will be checked after you have already passed the basic authentication check against the user model.". Given that you have $this->Auth->allow('*'), auth should be skipped entirely, so I'd look for a more fundamental mistake such as the beforeFilter override.

Unfortunately nothing stands out in your pasted code. Auth problems usually involve facepalm solutions in my experience :)

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hi, as u had suggested, i added parent::beforeFilter() to the beforeFilter in StudentsController and now everything works fine. Thanks a lot!:) – vaanipala Oct 10 '11 at 9:59

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