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In my config > routes I have:

#Service Routes
  match "services" => "services#index"
  match "startsingleservice" => "services#start_single_service"
  match "stopsingleservice" => "services#stop_single_service"
  match "zookeeperreindex" => "services#show_zookeeper"

The first 3 work, no issues no problems. And all four are in the same file def/functions whatever you wanna call them. Are in the same file. Where again first 3, work awesome. Adding that new guy there, zookeeper just doesn't wanna work I get

Unknown action

The action 'show_zookeeper' could not be found for ServicesController

the function zookeeperreindex is almost a mirror of the actual index def in the same file, changed for the needs of redisplay as I only want a JSON output for that one. But bottom line is I changed the routes to match, I know the function is working for the most part, and I am not seeing where I could be messing this simplicity up, I've also restarted the server itself to ensure it wasn't that


In replying with code from the controller which by the way did "show_zookeeper" defined right.. I realized I had a misplaced "end" tag.. So, in moving that the route worked.

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Please paste the ServicesController code –  drummondj Oct 10 '11 at 6:21

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It looks like in your ServicesController (app/controllers/services_controller.rb)

You never define a method show_zookeeper. My guess is that you define a method zookeeperreindex instead of show_zookeeper.

Why don't you link the contents of that file? You should see something along the lines of,

class ServicesController < ActionController::Base
  def index
  def start_single_service
  def stop_single_service

  def show_zookeeper # <---- This one is missing


The way the routes work the part after the => determines the controller and action. For example "services#start_single_service" will be mapped to :controller => ServicesController, and :action => start_single_service.

Thus the final call will be ServicesController.start_single_service

Look at http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html for more info

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