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I'm rendering a somewhat complex (200+ DrawingVisuals) 2D map using WPF, and I'm doing some restructuring of my rendering setup. Before I go and spend a lot of time building a system, maybe someone has experience here.

I have the option of creating 3-4 copies of each DrawingVisual for each visible state, for example, a DV for Selected, Hovered, or Normal. My question is, would it be more performant to just have a single DV and simply apply a shader Effect to it, rather than swapping out the whole drawing visual from the rendering hierarchy.

I don't know the performance cost of Effects vs just using a lot of pre-drawn Geometries and DrawingVisuals.


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I have found Drawings being Freezable and Animatable perform better. To make them have selected, hovering or normal effects use their clones (Freezable.Clone()) to add your effects around them... I think that should perform better.

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Can you clarify a little, it looks like you're suggesting to Clone, and then also add an Effect to the new Drawing? – Kal_Torak Oct 10 '11 at 6:39
Here's a screenshot that might help show what I'm working with. The black outlines are separate Visuals, I'm thinking it might be faster simply to apply a shader that colorizes the black border geometry rather than store 3-4 different copies that are pre-rendered to visual. [link] – Kal_Torak Oct 10 '11 at 6:51
Faster developement or faster performance! :-) ... u decide... I think Drawings are lightweight being freeable and animatable.... but they add code complexity... Visuals are heavier but faster to code. – WPF-it Oct 10 '11 at 7:49

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