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Well i have this set of codes

include "includes/config.php";
class template{
    var $page;
    var $built;
    public $block = array();

    function _start($tpl){
        $this->page = $tpl;

    function set_array($data){
        $this->block[] = $data;

    function _show(){
        foreach($this->block as $k => $v){
            foreach($v as $k1 => $v1){
                //echo $k1."<br />";
                //echo $v1."<br />";
                $this->page = str_replace("{".$k1."}", $v1, $this->page);
        echo $this->page;

$template = new template();

$file = "<html>


// Category Query
while($row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($cat)){

$template->set_array(array("CAT" => $row1['title']));

// Sub Category Query
while($row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($subcat)){

$template->set_array(array("SUBCAT" => $row2['title']));




Now, when i echo $k1 or $v1 they display the keys and values in the correct order like


but when it goes through the str_replace its only displays the CAT1 and SUBCAT1.2 what going wrong?

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You're overwriting the variable $page inside the foreach() loop; either you make it an array or you append to the variable. Could be:

function _show(){
       $this->page = '';
        foreach($this->block as $k => $v){
            foreach($v as $k1 => $v1){
                $this->page .= str_replace("{".$k1."}", $v1, $this->page); //appending every time onto the previous. As you were doing:
                // $this->page =str_replace("{".$k1."}", $v1, $this->page);
                // here you were overwriting $this->page at every passage of the loop
        echo $this->page;
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No concating didn't do any good instead it went over and looped several times. – Keshav Nair Oct 10 '11 at 13:06
I realized I had a little mistake in my code, I corrected it. Anyway, what's the purpose of looping if you don't want a loop? Maybe I dind't understand what you needed. – Damien Pirsy Oct 10 '11 at 13:12
Basically its a template engine i have categories and subcategories in the database what i want is i assign {CAT} and {SUBCAT} in an html file and it displays the categories and subcategories in the right order which is possible inside a nested while loop so i made a new array and added all the values in the right order but now in the str_replace part it overwrites all the values like you said earlier how do i overcome this problem? – Keshav Nair Oct 10 '11 at 15:39
Don't know how to explain that, but 2 solutions: 1) build another array: $new_array[] = str_replace("{".$k1."}", $v1, $this->page) or 2) you go in append; I'll go for the latter, it's easier. – Damien Pirsy Oct 10 '11 at 15:51
Well i tried making a new array and it worked a bit but i got to know one thing well the foreach is also repeating all the keys tags i made in the html string like CAT1 {SUBCAT} {CAT} SUBCAT1.1 {CAT} SUBCAT1.2 CAT2 {SUBCAT} {CAT} SUBCAT2.1 {CAT} SUBCAT2.2 Now why is that so? can't it peacefully display everything in the right order and i surly don't want to switch to Smarty and others. – Keshav Nair Oct 11 '11 at 5:01

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