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I need to integrate private chat module in an intranet like ASP.NET site, so that the users can chat privately one-to-one (like on Facebook). Integration with Active Directory and a HTML5-implementation would be a pro.

Any recommendations would be appreciated :-)

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see , for example. Probably someone have already asked such question. – 0x49D1 Oct 10 '11 at 7:22

For example you can use messaging service. Have a look at , they have .NET wrapper and API is not hard. With it you can write your own chat implementation, and not only chat(as you can send any serializable object- you can even show realtime form filling, various notifications and so on..)...

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I would suggest using the SignalR library. There is a chat example using that library here SignalR Chat. It's very few lines of code, easy to change to your personal needs, and it scales very well.

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