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I use Enterprise library caching application block. The specifics of our requirements required me to add dynamic keys into the cache that depend on different parameters. The keys also have a prefix to group them easily. For example:


I need to be able to search for all AccountsStaff cache entries and remove them when fresh data is available. I cannot use the Flush() keyword as it clears all the data, including Science and English. The cached data is stored in a caching DB and I can make wildcard queries on the CacheData table to filter AccountsStaff. Along these lines

  1. Is there a way to search for keys in the Enterprise Library Framework?
  2. If not, is it possible to extend the caching library for my requirement, and how?
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If I must simplify the question, I need to Flush() subsets of cached data. – Praveen Nayak Oct 11 '11 at 6:08
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Ok, figured one way out. Cache object exposes the Hashtable with all the keys stored in it. I will build custom logic around the keys to remove specific instances. So, in the above case, search for all keys starting with AccountsStaff and remove them explictly.

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