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I am looking for some ways to use my Sony PSP for purposes other than gaming.

so far I have successfully downloaded some Microsoft podcasts and other videos to listen while commuting.

Any other ideas???

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My university teacher said he uses his PSP for VoIP, I personally never tried it. You can also use it to browse the internet on hotspots, read e-books, etc... Its pretty much the predecessor to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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Well, I use my iPod touch I would imagine that an iPhone would be an upgrade. There are a few apps that pertain to web development that are quite helpful while on the go. Although the keyboard they provide is not the best for coding. PSP im not so sure. This should be community wiki.

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Downloading torrents - CTorrentPSP Managing files - PSP Filer Using IrDA to change channels in TV :) - IR Shell

and much much more...

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well i have a psp as well and i really dont think that it would help in any way unless you wanted to listen to music or such...but you could run linux on it...that would make it useful

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