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I was wonderering if there is a way to do simple string localization on Android so that the text can be given to a translation service without beeing too worried about them making mistakes in any code.

On iPhone there this is really easy with localizedStrings where I just write

"string in lang1" = "string in lang2".

On Android I currently do it the "normal" way with string ressources

  <string name="alert_OK">string in lang1</string>

Then the resulted translation file would look like:

  <string name="alert_OK">string in lang2</string>

But it's obvious that one hesitates to give a file in this format to any non-programmer.

Is there another alternative which is less errorprone?


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There's special software for localization Android resources: look here

Application actually extracts resources from XML file and make them more comfortable for translators to work. Never tried, but guys who used reports that it's neat.

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looks really promising, I will definitely try it, thank –  user387184 Oct 10 '11 at 9:47

Here is another answer describing (collaborative) translation editing tools:

Any collaborative tool/website to localize an Android app?

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