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I was looking for solutions, but most of it was outdated or doesn't work correctly. At the of of my document (main file of FB application - index.php), I have added:

window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
   $('#iframe_canvas').css({'overflow': 'hidden'});

I was also trying with setSize({width and height}). As I see previous versions has "remove scrollbars" option within Canvas settings - which is now removed. I was trying to change iframe, iframe > html and iframe > body CSS to overflow: hidden, overflow-x: hidden and many others. Also with JavaScript without effect. Could anyone point the right path? Previously solutions found on stackoverflow doesn't help either.

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I would play with the two options in Advanced settings for your application called: Canvas width and Canvas height. And see if a particular combination of those work. Also the setAutoResize is being deprecated in favor of setAutoGrow(). See

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