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I have a mysql table that contains words joined by underscores and also words joined by hyphens.

example: Engineering-Service_Civil-Geotech

I am able to replace the underscore with an ampersand and add a space on either side, but im stuck at how to replace the hyphen with one blank space as well.

$cleanCat =  str_replace( '_', ' & ', $Cat);
echo $cleanCat; 

The result of the above code gives me one solution but not both:

example: Engineering-Service & Civil-Geotech

Do i have to use a different command to achieve this?

thanks in advance.

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$cleanCat =  str_replace('-', ' ', str_replace( '_', ' & ', $Cat));
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Thank you simon that works fine. –  jonnypixel Oct 11 '11 at 2:42

str_replace( '-', ' ', $Cat); or str_replace( '-', ' ', $Cat);

should work

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Hi Jan, thank you so much for your feedback. Unfortunately i couldnt quite get your code to work, it may have just been the semi colum before the or statement but i got it working with simons. Thanks again though :) –  jonnypixel Oct 11 '11 at 2:41

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