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PHP how to remove extra characters at the end and beginning of a string

I have strings like these :





I want to remove / from a string if it exists in the beginning or in the end. / in the middle of the string is OK. I am always confused creating these type of matching string.


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(reference) docs.php.net/manual/en/function.trim.php –  Gordon Oct 10 '11 at 10:15

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The regular expression would be this:

preg_replace('^/+|/+$', '', $string);

But you actually don't need it, trim() will do the job in this case:

trim($string, '/');
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Given to you in "sed" form: s/^[/]*(.*)[/]*$/$1/ will remove any numbers of slashes in front of after the string. Inner slashes will be left untouched.

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You are probably looking for ^ (matches beginning of a string) and $ (matches end of string).

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try this

 echo trim('/page1/' ,'/');
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You can use strpos, strrpos and substr for this.

$string ='/help/detail.php'

## begin of string
if( strpos($string,'/') == 0 )

## end of string
if( strrpos($string,'/') == ($len-1) )
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