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I am running a test on a landing page. The conversion is a "signup" page with a form.

I would like now to test some form designs, and find an optimized version.

Can I use my form (conversion page for first test) as a new original for my new test? Does it go in conflict with GWO logic?

Thank you

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A diagram for this scenario is here: – Rdpi Oct 10 '11 at 10:17

That shouldn't be a problem at all. You can definitely run many concurrent tests on a site. In this case you're running Test A (current test) and Test B (form optimization test). You'll have:

Landing Page

  • Test A Control code
  • Test A Sections

Signup Page

  • Test B Control code
  • Test A Goal code
  • Test B Sections

Confirmation Page or Submit button click event

  • Test B Goal code

The existence of Test A's goal code on the signup page won't make any difference. GWO uses a modified version of Google Analytics, and basically every test is a separate account. They shouldn't create any conflict with each other.

One note: I've not run separate instances of the control code on the same page, but I think that's safe, too.

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