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I've just read "REST in Practice" (O'Reilly), and about 50 blog posts relating to REST web service design, and the message that comes through is that the design of Internet media types (and/or re-use of existing media types, where applicable) for my resource representations is a critical aspect of REST service design. Specifically: out-of-band information is conveyed by the media type(s) alone.

Where are the details of how to do good media type design? What are the characteristics of good designs, and of bad designs (the anti-patterns)? Where are the fully-worked, canonical examples of well-designed media types for vendor-specific XML and JSON representation formats?

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Steve klabnik has a good list explained. He also recommend Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node.

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I can recommend two books in addition to "REST in Practice":

  • Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node
  • RESTful Web Services Cookbook

With the help of these three books, plus study of Atom, I think I've got it sussed.

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