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Is there a way to be Sandbox-compliant compiling apps with XCode 3.x?

Are there any articles or tutorials out there on how to do this?

I'm the developer of a Mac application and I'm stuck with XCode 3 because the app uses two IBPlugins which (as far as I know) are not supported in XCode 4.x. Sandboxing apps will be mandatory to publish them on the Mac AppStore beginning November 2011 (still no updates on this, any news?)

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You can create an entitlements property list by hand and sign your application bundle from the command line, as described in the Code Signing And Application Sandboxing Guide. You may need to have a copy of Xcode 4 installed for its version of the codesign utility, however you can have multiple versions installed simultaneously (refer to the xcrun and xcode-select man pages).

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