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I am using Flex 4.5 for mobile development on Windows. I want to package my application for iOS but I don't have a MAC. Is this possible from windows?

Please help!

Regards, Sanket

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it is possible to do mobile development with Flex 4.5 even if you are a Windows user. You don't need a Mac but you will need two files: a code-signing certificate and provisioning profile.

If you take a look at the Flex Build Packaging-Dialog under the project properties you will see that these two files have to being targeted for iOS:

Flash Builder 4.5.1 Flex Build Packaging-Dialog

You obtain those files from Apple. But first you have to register as an Apple Developer here:


To complete the registration you have to pay 99$/year. After successful registration you will receive an activation mail. After that you are able to start the setup of your certificates, devices and profiles in the Apple iOS Provisioning Portal.

The Apple Developer Center will walk you through all the necessary steps:

Apple Development Provisioning Assistant

There are some additional steps to get that all working on Windows, because you will have to generate and convert certificates. For that I'm using Cygwin (a Linux-like environment for Windows). Be sure to include the OpenSSL packages during installation!

Once installed, follow the Adobe documentation: Obtaining developer files from Apple.

I'm sure that the following articles will also a good help for you:

Regards, Christian

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Christian, Thanks a lot! I never expected such a detailed answer. –  Sanket Oct 14 '11 at 10:46

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