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Consider I am having tow fields in my table

field_profile_first_name_value      field_profile_last_name_value

Victor                              Brecher
Abhi                                Jass             

select field_profile_first_name_value, field_profile_last_name_value 
from content_type_profile where field_profile_first_name_value LIKE '%Victor Bre%' OR 
field_profile_last_name_value LIKE '%Victor Bre%'

I am having a auto complete text box.

When i enter the keyword as victor it will fetch the result. But if i give the first name and last name in the same time it will not produce the result.

That is if i give the keyword as Victor Brecher it will not produce the result.

How can i make to get the result if i enter first name and last name ?

How can i make it ?

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Try :

select * from contracts 
where lower(concat_ws(' ', field_profile_first_name_value, field_profile_last_name_value)) 
like lower('%Victor Bre%')
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Well, even you don't need to use lower too. just use it simply.

select * from contracts where concat_ws(' ', field_profile_first_name_value,field_profile_last_name_value)
like '%Victor Bre%'
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I would make use of soundex.

select * from contracts where SOUNDEX(concat_ws(' ', field_profile_first_name_value,field_profile_last_name_value)) =  SOUNDEX('Victor Bre');
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If no results returned using like '%name%' then SOUNDEX search would return results that are similar sounding in case name misspelling. – David James Schlaegel Aug 20 '13 at 2:37
This is my bad -- I was reviewing "new contributions" and saw this as a question, not an answer -- it's definitely a contribution to the problem, and I will reverse my downvote to an upvote if the answer is edited so I can reverse. Apologies. – Michael Scott Cuthbert Aug 20 '13 at 2:46

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