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I asked a question on this site "JavaScript not working as expected": link:

I could not find any solution, because I want to use g.raphael and line chart as a matter. But I could not find a solution that works. Even in their demo site, nothing is displayed. For me, I tested, don't know how much right, tested g.raphael.piechart and line chart, but could not get result. I tried use another site: I could not see any result when I tried copying instruction and downloaded js.

This is what I test: http://joedesigns.com/labs/Beautiful-Analytics-Chart/

Can anybody introduce me to another chart lib that is easy to use and more beautiful?

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the charts on the page you linked are working perfectly for me. What browser are you testing it with? –  Spudley Oct 10 '11 at 12:50

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As noted above, these seem to be working, may just be your browser, but another good charting solution may be:


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