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We have to restore a deleted record using active resource with the same id it had before deletion.

a = ActiveResourceModel.new

a.new? # true

a = ActiveResourceModel.new

a.id = 1234

a.new? # false

If the active resource object has id attribute set, it is always considered as a saved object and it always tries to update the record. We had to create a custom post action to set the id to the previous value. Is there any other way of doing this?

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the ActiveResource::Base source shows this:

def new?

So you have to override the new? method, or to call the private method create directly

class YourModel < ActiveResource::Base

  def restore

  # or
  def new?
    @some_custom_flag_variable ? true : id.nil?


be prepared to handle errrors if the id is already taken, though (who knows ?)

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