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How do I disable the Yii's inbuild authentication? ( /site/login ).

I am using an extension to do authentication and dont want to leave the inbuilt login open - potentially this could be a security issue.

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I think you can just remove the actions in the site controller for login and logout, i.e actionLogin() and actionLogout() inside the mywebapp/protected/controllers/SiteController.php file
and the view for login, i.e. mywebapp/protected/views/site/login.php,
and also remove the model i.e inside mywebapp/protected/models/LoginForm.php.

Further i would suggest you to either change the UserIdentity.php inside the mywebapp/protected/components folder, or remove it and write your own identity class.
If you want any tips to write your identity class, check the api at this link.

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Additionally make the changes as @ldg has suggested –  bool.dev Oct 11 '11 at 4:03

It partly depends on how your extension is managing access control and I assume when you say "inbuilt authentication", you are referring to Gii-generated files.

If you remove/comment out the accessControl filter in your controller file(s) as well as the accessRules() method for good measure, that should pretty much disable the generated access control/authentication.

Assuming your extension doesn't require them, you can remove the /views/site/login.php and /components/UserIdentity.php files and other related files as mentioned.

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