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I'm looking for a trick to hide the .dll extension of an isapi dll in an url. I don't know if this is possible. but I preffer to hide it.


would be

Thank you very much

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You may change the link on page to say and use the following config with ISAPI_Rewrite 3:


RewriteRule ^test/myapp/testfunction$ /test/myapp.dll/testfunction [NC,L]

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You can write ISAPI filter and change the URI as you like. There are, of course, ready commercial and free ones

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This link may be of use

EDIT: The link above is actually confusing as I don't think it solves the problem at hand.

These two links this One requires some coding, this One requires some IIS Setup

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In IIRF, a free URL rewriter for IIS5/6/7, you can do this:

RewriteRule  ^/test/([^/]+)/([^/]+)$  /test/$1.dll/$2   [I,L]

This rule has wild-card matching on the DLL name and function.

Lots more possibilities, too.

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