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params[:user][:role_ids] ||= []

What does it do?

ruby -v = 1.9.2p290

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What does ||= mean?, and probably many others as well. See also The definitive list of ||= (OR Equal) threads and pages. Please, please, please don't ask duplicate questions. It just scatters information around the site that would much better be found in just one place. Thank you! – Jörg W Mittag Oct 11 '11 at 1:47
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It assigns [] to params["user][:role_ids] if params["user][:role_ids] is nil or another falsy value...

Otherwise, it retains the original value of params["user][:role_ids]


variable = nil

variable ||= "string"

puts variable # "string"

variable2 = "value"

variable2 ||= "string"

puts variable2 # "value"
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if params[:user][:role_ids]is nil, it gets initialized with [] otherwise params[:user][:role_ids] holds its value further

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If the left-hand value is not yet assigned, assign it to the right-hand value. If it is assigned, keep it as itself. A good explanation can be found on Michael Hartl's RoR tutorial site.

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It's the memoize operator and it does one of two things:

  1. If the value on the left of it is not nil, it simply returns the value
  2. If the value on the left of it is nil (or undefined) it sets it.
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It's a conditional assignment in Ruby. You can read more about it here: Ruby Operators

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It sets a value to the variable if the variable isn't already set. Meaning

class Something
  attr_accessor :some_value

def perform_action
  @some_value ||= "Mom"
  puts @some_value

foo = Something.new
foo.perform_action -> "Mom"
foo.some_value = "Dad"
foo.perform_action -> "Dad"
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