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How can I login to sites like facebook or google with python 3.2 urllib? Please give me some examples.

Actually, I want to retrieve my photos or some data like replies or articles written by others. But I can not get through these sites without logging in.

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If possible, use their APIs, which will save you a lot of pain. If you can't do what you want, try a library like mechanize, but be aware that they're both complex sites which aren't easy to access from a script. You might want to look at accessing the mobile versions of the sites, which are often simpler. – Thomas K Oct 10 '11 at 16:33

firstly, sorry for my poor english if you can't catch me!

i'm new too, but i came accross a new book named Mining the Social Web, which published Jan. 2011. you can find it on the book introduce ways to get data from some social webs like twitter, facebook, google buzz.

they use python 2.7 in the book, i'm not sure if it can be port to py3.x

again sorry for my english.

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