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I have a Oracle server running 10g with various databases.

I have a Oracle server running 11g with no databases.

Can I use the Database Upgrade Assistant to upgrade one of the 10g databases onto the 11g server?

When I open the Database Upgrade Assistant it says pick a database but none are listed. I added an entry to TNS to see if that would do anything but it didn't.

Thanks for the help

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Database Upgrade Assistant will upgrade a database from 10g to 11g. It will not migrate that database from one server to another server.

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Do you have an entry in the oratab file (usually in /etc on Linux or in /var/opt/oracle on Solaris) for the 10g database to be upgraded? I believe dbua uses the oratab file for that. The source database will need to be restarted at the beginning of the upgrade process and will be inaccessible during the migration. To avoid issues during the upgrade procedure you should run the pre-upgrade info script.

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