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Lift framework seems to use class="lift:something" in HTML tags but what if I want to apply some ordinary CSS to this tag and want it to have an ordinary class name?

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Each HTML element can have multiple classes separated by spaces, e.g.

<div class="lift:something something-else"></div>

You can target one or more of those classes in your stylesheet.

If Lift doesn't let you apply your own classes to elements (I'm not a Scala programmer), you may need to apply classes to other elements instead, like wrapper divs, and select based on those:

<div class="something">
    <div class="lift:something"></div>
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you can use many classes in dom elements:

<div class="lift:something my_extra_css_class">

Or, if the styling is meant to be unique, you can use an id and style the id and not the class:

<div class="lift:something" id='my_id'>

  bla: blabla;
  foo: bar;
  fruit: banana;
  codfish: sausage;
  car: garage;
  cash: atm;
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