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I've created an iFrame app and added it to a fan page like here.

I would like to add comments box underneath the iframe so that its part of facebook and not my iframe. Is this possible? thanks in advance. Brad


Hey many thanks for your response. Although this doesn't help me. I am (as you can see from the link I showed you) able to put comments in the iFrame application see here:

however, because the comments are part of the iFrame then It starts giving me those awful scroll bars as soon as more than 2 comments are made. I want the comments to be outside of the iFrame. or at least stop the scroll bars from appearing..

any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards, Brad

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yes it is possible see here you can use code somthing like specific to your post and this link may also help you.

and you can also have comment option with the new like button for the app for that see here

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