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this is my scenario:
i have a page with a placeholder. the page adds dynimcally different kinds of controls (we wan't to display some data - getting the id via querystring or postback, as we also have a tree) to this placeholder.
the added controls all, more or less, contain a textbox (name of the displaying element), checkbox (active-state of the displaying element) and a save-button which fires a method inside this webcontrol.

now my problem is really obvious: as i'm adding the control dynamically (and for every condition: !Postback and Postback), the save-method inside the so added control, won't fire - regardless what i do ...

i'm simply to stupid to get the trick :)

some behind-the-scene-infos (workflow):

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!this.Page.IsPostBack)
        this.SelectedElement = SomeMagicMethod();

protected void NodeSelected(object sender, TreeViewNodeEventArgs e)
    this.SelectedElement = SomeOtherMagicMethod();

protected override void OnLoadComplete(EventArgs e)
    // we have to take this life-cycle!
    if (this.SelectedElement!= null)

private void DisplayElement()
    var UC = this.LoadControl(UCPath) as DataTypeUC;
    if (UC == null)

    UC.ID = EditCampaignFolderUCID;
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Can you show the markup and code behind for the user control you are adding? /Asger – asgerhallas Apr 21 '09 at 20:12

While adding controls dynamically, you'll also have to wire up the event of the save button everytime (that is, if the save button is being generated dynamically).

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the trick is: reinstatiate everything in oninit, and in the order as the viewstate was saved at the last request ... tricky tricky

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