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I have two Rails projects, we'll call them Foo and Bar. They share the same models. The models live in Foo and Bar links to those files.

The behavior of a particular method in one of Foo's models needs to be different in Bar:

In project Foo's models/model_a.rb:

class ModelA
  def method_a
    puts "default behavior here"

Somewhere in project Bar:

class ModelA
  def method_a
    puts "special behavior here"

so that the following line of code:

x = model_a.method_a

would execute differently in one project than in the other without Bar having to mess with Foo's models. A similar situation would exist, presumably, if Foo's models were simply a gem, although the load-order question would be different.

My questions are: where should this code snippet live in project Bar? And how do I guarantee that Bar's mix-in is loaded last so that the correct function executes at runtime in project Bar?

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Inheritance? That's what you're describing.

If this is Active Record, then you can force the table name in the Bar app and then use the child class there.

Alternatively, but I think this is a hack. Create an initializer called override_model_a

require 'modelA'
class ModelA
  # then do your initializing, or include your module here

Ruby does "last man wins" so if you require the original class and then override it in the initializer it will do what you want.

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