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I've already drawn a flot graph using some data:

    var plot = $.plot($("#placeholder"),
        data: data,
    }], {
        series: {
            points: {
                show: true
        grid: {
            hoverable: true,

Now I'd like to highlight a single point on the graph, when a user hovers over an item elsewhere on the page.

I found this question, which explains how to totally redraw the series from scratch, but is there a way to highlight a single point?

Or add a new point in a different colour, which would have the effect of a highlight?

NB: when the user hovers over the relevant item elsewhere on the page, I will have the x and y coordinates of the related point, but not the pixel coordinates on the graph.

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The API provides the following methods:

The Plot object returned from the plot function has some methods you can call:

  • highlight(series, datapoint)

    Highlight a specific datapoint in the data series. You can either specify the actual objects, e.g. if you got them from a "plotclick" event, or you can specify the indices, e.g. highlight(1, 3) to highlight the fourth point in the second series (remember, zero-based indexing).

  • unhighlight(series, datapoint) or unhighlight()

    Remove the highlighting of the point, same parameters as highlight.

    If you call unhighlight with no parameters, e.g. as plot.unhighlight(), all current highlights are removed.

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