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If I require 'helper_file' in a program and there are constants and variables declared in that required file is there a way to access those variables and constants?

require 'helper_file'

...some nice code

x = ConstantFromRequireFile

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You use require to load a library into your Ruby program. It will return true if successful.

So you have a file example.rb:

require 'library.rb'

# Some code


puts x # "Hello World"

method_from_required_file # "I'm a method from a required file."

and a file library.rb:


def method_from_required_file
  puts "I'm a method from a required file."

As you can see you access the constant and the method as you would access a constant and a method from the same file.

You can read more about require here: What is the difference between include and require in Ruby? and here: Kernal Module in Ruby

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Thank you this is perfect. – slindsey3000 Oct 11 '11 at 1:05

constants, global variables, instance variables and class variables defined in the top level scope in a required file will all be available in the scope of the requiring file, but local variables will not. What exactly is your problem?

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That answers the question. I was mistaken about what comes into scope. Thank you. – slindsey3000 Oct 10 '11 at 18:51

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