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I'll try this to insert picture to Oracle DataBase - but it doesn't work

(same code in Sql server work's excellent)

string sampleImage = PicNativ;
BinaryReader sampleBR = null;
FileStream sampleFS = null;
OracleConnection sampleConnection = null;
OracleCommand sampleCommand = null;
FileInfo sampleFI = null;
byte[] sampleArr = null;
    if (EDIT_M == 1) 
        Oracle = "update Sex set Name = '" + txtC.Text.Trim() + 
            "',pic = @p_pic  where ID like '" + txtC4.Text.Trim() + "'";
        Oracle = "insert into Sex (Id,Code,Name,pic) values "+
            "(Sex_Code.nextval,'" + txtA.Text.Trim() + "','" + 
            txtC.Text.Trim() + "', @p_pic )";
    sampleFI = new FileInfo(sampleImage);
    sampleFS = new FileStream(sampleImage, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
    sampleBR = new BinaryReader(sampleFS);
    sampleArr = sampleBR.ReadBytes((int)sampleFI.Length);
    using (sampleConnection = new OracleConnection(Conect))
        using (sampleCommand = new OracleCommand())
            sampleCommand.Connection = sampleConnection;
            sampleCommand.CommandText = Oracle;
                Add("@p_pic", OracleDbType.Blob ).Value = sampleArr;
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"It doesn't work" is pretty vague. Could you give the exact problem? Are you getting an error, is the data completely missing, incomplete or invalid? – Jon Skeet Apr 21 '09 at 9:01
Sorry, you Right. The Error: ORA-00936 – Gold Apr 21 '09 at 9:45

As you know, ORA-00936 is a missing expression error. In your question code, you are using a bind variable in your SQL statement. In Oracle, placeholder variable starts with a colon. So where you have @p_pic the correct format is :@p_pic.

Using the ampersand in your named parameter is a Microsoft SQL Server.

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