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Id  Catg
1   cat01
2   cat01
3   cat01
1   cat02
2   cat02

now I want to detect number of occurance of catg01 and catg02,like in this ex, catg01 is 3 times and catg02 is 2 times,I want to count that through LINQ/ simple db query. Pls note: cant use Where clause and hardcode Catg01/catg 02,as there can n number of category.Is it possible to detect? if yes then pls help.

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Select Catg, Count(*) From TableName Group By CatG

For the LINQ Version. Imagine a Class

    class Table
        public int ID { get; set; }
        public string CatG { get; set; }

Then if you had a list of that class, you could query it as follows

List<Table> y = new List<Table>();

y.Add(new Table() { ID = 1, CatG = "a" });
y.Add(new Table() { ID = 2, CatG = "a" });
y.Add(new Table() { ID = 3, CatG = "a" });
y.Add(new Table() { ID = 4, CatG = "b" });
y.Add(new Table() { ID = 5, CatG = "b" });

var query = y.GroupBy(table => table.CatG);

// Iterate over each IGrouping in the collection.
foreach (var item in query)
    Console.WriteLine("CatG: {0} Number of Items: {1}", item.Key, item.Count());
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Thanks,it worked.can u pls help me with LINQ – Wondering Apr 21 '09 at 9:13
sure... will edit the post. – Eoin Campbell Apr 21 '09 at 9:16
FROM myTable GROUP BY Catg
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