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How would I go about changing where PHP logs it's syntax errors? I've got multiple people working on the same server, and I want to be able to send my own logs to a custom file so that I'm not looking at every one else's errors.

I can do this:


And that works for some errors, but for actual syntax errors, the logs are still being sent to the master /var/log/httpd/error_log. How do I make the syntax errors get sent to my custom log file?

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Since the file cannot be correctly parsed, the ini_set function is not executed either and neither is the new error log set. You need to set php_value error_log /path/to/myfile.log in an .htaccess file or the global server config (I'm assuming that you're using Apache).

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Given that syntax errors prevent PHP from running you will not be able to set log paths via PHP. It's a chicken before the egg situation.

Alternatives would be:

  • Change the error log at the webserver level
  • Enable output of error messages to the browser

I'd suggest the latter.

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