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I have tried to follow the upgrade to iOS5 process... but didn't realize that my device must be registered in iOS developer program.

I have registered the apple id in the program (after i upgraded the device) - but now when i load the device - it says it is unable to activate my device because my device is not registered in the ios developer program.

How should i resolve this issue? We have a developer license - and we have paid the enrollment fee to apple.

I need to figure out how to complete the upgrade to ios5 or to rollback the device to 4.3 in order to restore it's functionality.

any suggestions?

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Restore it using a previously downloaded iOS image in xCode Organizer. If you don't have an image, you can download them off Apple's Developer portal.

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The solution was to re-install the ios5 Beta GM on the device. it worked like a charm.

it turns out that rollback from 5 backward is not such a good idea.

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