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I'm going to develop online store. The attendance is about 1000-1500 persons per day.

There will be going a lot of products at the same time - about 60 000 -80 000. Each product has description, 5 photos and several parameters like color, weight etc. The searching by parameters also will be there.

I'm going to use hosting smth like here

So the choice is between Magento (as a priority at the moment), osCommerce, own engine. May be someone could give me some advise. It would be fine of course:)

Thx all in advance!

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I am using Magento with 300k products with no real issues. Magento is resource intensive. I don't recommend that you use a VPS with that many products, and possible attributes; performance gains can be difficult to configure. As for a hosting solution, you should investigate this page - – Vern Burton Oct 10 '11 at 19:19
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My list would be, in order of most likely to select:

  • Magento (proven technology, but it takes a while to set it up)
  • Drupal with the Commerce package (if you are a Drupal fan, like me)
  • SAP if you want to spend lots of money
  • Write your own framework if you got the skill and time
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