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Does anyone know of an existing Related Pages plugin for Wordpress, specifically where you can manually assign the 'related' pages yourself?

I may be searching for the wrong thing or using the wrong terminology, because everything I've found invariably relates to related posts or is based on tagging or an algorithm (for example YARPP), whereas what I require, ideally, is:

  • You're editing a page, and there's an additional panel with a list of other pages;
  • You check all the other pages that you want to associate with this page;
  • Publish/Update the page, and the associations are saved accordingly.

If anybody is aware of something like this, then do let me know.


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This plugin supports both posts AND pages (regardless of what the plugin is actually called)


You are able to select either page or post-type content to apply and relate to your other pages. It can also be widget-adapted to place almost anywhere on your page.

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Dude, from having downloaded it and used it for all of 25 seconds, that is exactly what I was looking for. You've just saved me a couple of days of coding my own plugin. Thankyou! –  indextwo Oct 10 '11 at 19:26

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