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I have an huge XML-file that looks like that:

<inventory type="incremental" year="2011">
    <item name="action">insert</item>
    <item name="identity">
        <item name="meta_id"/>
        <item name="iscp">3827317304</item>
        <item name="isbn13_ebook" type="pdf">9783827317308</item>
        <item name="isbn13_print">9783827317308</item>
        <item name="isbn13_substitute"/>
        <item name="issn"/>
    <item name="publishinfo">
        <item name="author">Tobias Ratschiller, Till Gerken</item>
        <item name="editor"/>
        <item name="translator"/>
        <item name="title">Webanwendungen mit PHP 4.0 entwickeln</item>
        <item name="subtitle"/>
        <item name="publisher" code="16">Addison-Wesley Verlag</item>
        <item name="series"/>
        <item name="numpages">444</item>

Unfortunally i have no clue how to access all the single "item" elements...

Until now i was just able to access the top-level of the file...

MY PHP-Code looks like the following:

function startElemHandler($parser, $name, $attribs) {

if (strcasecmp($name, "book") == 0) {
  $metaid = $attribs["meta_id"];
  echo "MetaID: $metaid <br />";
    $iscp = $name["iscp"];
echo $iscp;

Can you help me out with some ideas? is it even an good idea to solve this problem with PHP and SAX? if it will work, is it possible to get the data in a mysql database, or should i go an totaly different way to solve this problem?

Thanks for you help!

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Are you trying to get the text inside of the <item>Some text</item> tags? In order to do that in SAX you need to capture the text at the point that the end element is read instead of attempting to capture it when the start element is read. –  Mike Oct 10 '11 at 19:50
yeah thats true! that are the informations i need! –  FalcoB Oct 10 '11 at 19:51

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