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I can't help but wonder about this generic question.

When I have an application that needs data from some server, I slap up some php api and use a mysql database. Because, you know, I've been doing it like that for 6 years.

What has changed lately that might be a better way of doing this?

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The official answer to your question is "A crapload has changed in the last 6 years". One of the big things now is NoSQL; getting away from relational data if you don't really need it. Go play around with some things like MongoDB or CouchDB and see if you like them. You can even mess around with MongoDB without installing it at http://www.mongodb.org/ - Also, check out ORMs - Now days it's popular to "model" your database schema in code rather than firing off SQL queries all over the place. CakePHP provides some support for this. Go learn about the ActiveRecord pattern. Any specific issues you run into, please post another question and people will help you out. Thanks!

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