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I own the following website: juancarlosoleacañ

To display the content of each paragraph, you have to click on it. When you do so it works smooth in every browser except in IE.

The JQuery code is:

$('.resumen').click(function() {
    visible = $(this).find('.content');
    oculto = $(this).find('.expanded');

        opacity: 0
    }, 500, function() {

            opacity: 1              
        }, 500);        

The block which has all the content has as class content and the one which appears displayed has expanded.

And the css for expanded:

div.expanded { overflow: hidden; display: none; opacity: 0; }

Is there any solution to this problem?

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If my memory do not tricks me, you can fix it by adding a background(color or image, just try one of them) in css to element, which wraps text. In your case, you need to add case background to paragraphs, which fades in.

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