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I recently started switching my project from Flex SDK 3.5 to 4.5.1, but my Label components aren't displaying anymore. I've determined that the problem is with my fonts; when I switch to the default font the text appears. I'm wondering, what exactly has changed in Flex SDK 4.5.1 for working with fonts?

original out-of-date question, here for reference:

Working in FDT, I have been using various components from the "fl" package under Flex SDK 3.5 by compiling them as a SWC as described in various places:

Flash Components with Flex SDK



However, I just switched to the new SDK 4.5.1 and the labels aren't showing up. The code still compiles and runs fine, but no text is being displayed.

Does anyone know why a components SWC that was working before isn't anymore under the latest SDK, and how I should fix it? For example, do I need to recompile the SWC using the latest SDK somehow?

ADDITION: aha, I've figured out that the issue was with embedding fonts in the Label component; when I switch to the default font the text appears. I'm editing to the new question...

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aha, I found this article that explains it: http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=2555

Basically, Adobe changed the API for embedding fonts for no good reason, and now I need to have embedAsCFF="false"

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