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In my config file I can easily override the sales -> order grid with my own doing this

      <sales_order_grid>Mine here</sales_order_grid>

But I cannot seem to do the same for the report_filter_form which is on the Reports->Sales->Order menu item. If I replace the above rewrite content with

<report_filter_form>mine here</report_filter_form>

Is this one a special case or something. I've cleared my cache and have no luck. The block is loaded in the controller by doing a ->getBlock('grid.filter.form') then feeding it into a initReportAction and finally rendering the layout.

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Looking in the layout files I see this:

<block type="sales/adminhtml_report_filter_form_order" name="grid.filter.form">

So the block that needs overwriting is sales/adminhtml_report_filter_form_order,

      <adminhtml_report_filter_form_order>Mine here</adminhtml_report_filter_form_order>
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Thanks, I now understand how this was determined but I'm not having as much luck tracing the grid that is used and loaded by getBlock('report_sales_sales.grid'). Any help on that one? I tried search the entire code base for the block name but can't find it. – matthewdaniel Oct 11 '11 at 20:43
Grids are a special case. The "grid container" is usually defined in layout as normal, it has a $_controller member variable (in this case "report_sales_sales") that is used to create the grid block automatically. In this case the container is "adminhtml/report_sales_sales" and so the grid is "adminhtml/report_sales_sales_grid". – clockworkgeek Oct 11 '11 at 22:28
As a more generic way of finding classes there is a way of using block hints in admin. – clockworkgeek Oct 11 '11 at 22:30

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